Three Cottage Bedroom Styles for Kids

Who doesn’t love summer, especially summer at the cottage.  Endless days spent outside swimming,  dinners on the deck, family campfires, all surrounded by the beauty of nature.  I spent much of my youth either at our family cottage or at summer camp.  My grandmother had a good friend Gwen who lived in a beautiful 200 year old log cabin nestled in an apple orchard that we use to visit every summer.  I loved the woodsy smell of her cabin.  It was full of old relics, apothecary bottles, old maps, and lots of vintage furniture. Decorating a cottage bedroom can be fun because they are not meant to be serious.  When done right it can make a kids space feel magical and that anything in the summer is possible.

I’ve put together some inspiration for a few types of cottage bedrooms for kids:

1.  Rustic Cottage

The beauty in rustic cottage spaces is that they are relaxed, livable rooms that are comfortable.  I love when vintage objects are used in rustic cottage rooms because it adds a sense of history and tradition in a place where time stands still. Quilts, vintage lights, earthy tones, iron or wood bed frames and old objects come together to create beautiful rooms in a rustic cottage.

Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source

2. Beach house

Soothing colours of blues, greens, whites and tan make me think about the beach, dune grasses, sand and water.  Beach house inspired decor for cottages has a relaxed calming easy going feel which can easily be incorporated into a child’s room.  I love sail boat and vintage nautical themes in beach houses, especially in kids rooms.  Two of my favourite vintage inspired nautical fabrics that would look great in a kids room are:

  1. Sail Away by Sanderson.  The fabric is available in Sea Green and Sky Blue and also is available in wallpaper.
  2. Lighthouse and Boat Scene by Cath Kidston

Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source via Blackband Design, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source Image SourceImage Source

3. Farmhouse Inspired

Everyone is talking about farms these days.  In my community, my friends are talking about the newest farmers markets, the hottest new farm to table restaurant or selling in the city and moving to the country to enjoy the values of a simplified life.  There is also the growing demand for organic farming and a shared value of caring for the environment.

Farmhouse decor is all about wood, neutral spaces with splashes of bright colours, antiques, quilts and a feeling of clean, simple, relaxed comfortable living.  Some common elements of Farmhouse style used in the bedroom are: painted wood walls or shiplap, wood floors,  a four poster bed or rod iron bed frames, mismatched quilts,  cotton striped rugs, antique painted chairs and furniture.


Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source via Country Living, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source




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