The Jenny Lind Crib and Bed

I had a Jenny Lind style crib as a baby and the timeless style is back and popular once again!

Some people confuse the name Jenny Lind with a company or the name of a specific crib or bed, but it is a style of furniture that goes back centuries.  The style was named after 1850s popular Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind who as legend has it slept in a bed of that style.  The Jenny Lind design features distinct spindles and square solid corners on the headboard.

Image Source for all photo’s above

Today’s updated version of the Jenny Lind crib and bed frame comes in amazingly beautiful bright colours that look great in a modern kids room as much as a traditional one.  Land of Nod has produced bed frames in azure, raspberry and yellow as well as the traditional white and brown.  I love that these bed frames look just as great in a little girls room as they do in pre-teen or teen room.

Image Source

According to an article in Design Sponge by Amy Azzarito:

  • The earliest spool-turned beds have long straight lengths of turnings because that was initially the easiest style to produce
  • 1830 – headboards and footboards about the same height
  • 1850s – spool-turned furniture was made with rounded corners because spool-turners developed a method of bending the spool turnings.
  • Midwest and Southern spool beds have a tall-posts (somewhere from 5 1/2 feet to 7 feet high) and were made from maple, walnut, cherry, poplar, cottonwood and mahogany. If the wood had an attractive color, it was left natural but pine and other softwoods were stained or painted.


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